Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Meet the Hutterites Helping a Refugee Family

It's heartwarming to see how my friends at Green Acres Colony are helping a refugee family from Syria. It seems like such a warm relationship these Hutterites and Syrians share, and they obviously learn from each other as well. This family has been living in Manitoba since last summer. First they lived in Wawanesa, a small town near Green Acres Colony, but I believe they recently moved to Brandon because of the dad's job. This cold, blustery winter must be quite an experience for them, but they seem to be embracing it.

I can't even imagine living in a refugee camp, and am so grateful that this family and many others are getting another chance at making a better life for themselves, and that so many people are supporting them with this new start in a strange country. At the same time I'm hoping that many more will find it in their hearts to reach out to people all over who are suffering and need our assistance. Every human being has the right to live in a safe and peaceful place and experience the love, compassion and kindness of their fellow human beings.

Photo published for Christian community welcomes Syrian family to Canada

Read about it and watch the video here.


  1. I agree with you and it made my heart happy when I first heard this story.

    1. Where did you first hear about it, Michelle?

    2. Where did you first hear about it, Michelle?


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