About Me

I feel blessed to have lived on  a Hutterite Colony my entire life. We live in Christian community as outlined in Acts chapter 2: "And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common..." 
I work in our school as an Educational Assistant. I teach German and English to students in grades K-8. In my spare time few things bring me more joy than writing. I'm grateful to be able to string some words together to create stories and poems in English, German or Hutterisch to share with others.
I've written one German children's book, 'Lindas gluecklicher Tag' and have translated a set of five Bible Story books into our Hutterisch language, with the help of a Wycliffe Bible Translator/Linguist, Dick Mueller. The books are available on Amazon and HB Book Centre


plaingrl said...

Looking forward to learning to know u better! would love to hear more about ur life as a Hutterite, ur day-to-day life and would love to see photo's of ur colony!

Anonymous said...

How do u make separate "tabs" (like about me, etc.) on blogger?

It is hard to leave comments w/ the word verification. can u think about taking it off? That might be why more people are not leaving u comments! Just a suggestion!

Linda Maendel said...

Anonomous, You can go to Blogger help if you need to figure something out.
No, I will not think about taking word verification off, have been there, done that, don't like it. I want to monitor comments and be able decide what to publish and what to delete - don't need spam. But thanks for your comment.

cyndy said...

Hi. I love the prints in the ladies dresses on American Colony. Do you know where or similar fabrics come from? Love reading your blog.

Linda Maendel said...

Cyndy, probably some whole sale fabric place.

Kristy Chard said...

I had my first encounter with a family of Hutterites and had the most amazing experience with them. You see long story short we were traveling, got into trailer trouble and just happen to happen in front of the homes of these most amazing people who left their family function to help us and get us on our way, took over 4 hrs to repair. When it was all over they took to their shop gave us a beer and only asked for a Christmas card at Christmas time. We would like to doing some special for them but do not know what to do. We live 2000 km away, so I am kindly asking for some ideas so we can show our appreciation for what they did for us. Do not want to do something that is inappropriate as we are English (I think we are called) forgive me for my ignorance. We did stop back in on our way home from our travel and gave something to the men, but I would like to know what the women and children would like as they are the ones that had to put up with the Dads busy helping strangers. Ideas for the men would be helpful too. Thank you for taking the time to read this, looking forward to hearing back. That Christmas will be coming for sure.

Kristy & Phil (stranded Ontario travellers)

Linda Maendel said...

Hi Christy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing your encounter with Hutterites. Great to hear! If you would email me, (click on 'contact me' on the sidebar)I will try to help. Till I hear from you I will try to come up with a list you can choose from...shouldn't be too hard. (:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I’m working on a project that includes a few lines spoken in Hutterisch. Would you be interested in sending a voice recording or video of a few sentences so I can accurately portray the language? We can also have a phone call if that's easier for you. If so, I’ll pass along the specific sentences. Please let me know if you have any questions and I really appreciate your time!


Linda Maendel said...

Hi Cameron,
Before we go into your request, may I please know more about you and your project. You may email me using 'contact me' in the sidebar. Thanks.