Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Jar of Tiny Pfeffernuesse

This is a jar of Pfeffernuesse cookies one of my students brought me just this morning. It was full. I don't have Pfeffernuesse on my Christmas wish list, but after not being able to stop eating them today, I know I should have. I haven't had these scrumptious German treats in many, many years. I was introduced to them when I was at the Deer Spring Bruderhof, a Christian Community in Connecticut in 1987 -- the only Christmas I ever spent away from home.

So you can imagine the flood of memories this small jar of Pfeffernuesse brought back this morning. I simply could not resist, 8:00 AM or not, I opened the jar and enjoyed one of these delicious morsels, and quickly put the lid back on. I had a class to teach. However, my mind took me many miles away to the community nestled in the hills near Norfolk, Connecticut, all those Christmases ago. Pfeffernuesse, a symphony orchestra, and experiencing a different but meaningful Christmas with dear people, helped tremendously to ease the ache of missing my family that Christmas. I had wonderful time with my host family, the Warners, and often wonder about them. Too bad we've lost touch over the years.

Kandra, the little girl who brought me the cookies, most likely had no idea that her jar of tiny cookies would send me on a trip down memory lane, to the time when I first enjoyed Pfeffernuesse and saw a live symphony orchestra. I'm still dreaming of seeing another symphony orchestra someday. That is on my Christmas wish list.

It's unexpected moments like this one, receiving a jar of cookies that add wonder and delight to this special season. I hope your Advent and Christmas bring you wonder and delight, in the most unexpected ways, just like my jar of Pfeffernuesse.

My heartfelt thanks to Kandra, and her mom. You made my day! And inspired me to bake Pfeffernuesse cookies real soon... that is, if you will share your recipe with me.


  1. Yes, do share the recipe. I have seen many versions. But these seem like the original.

  2. Sure, Kathy. Will try to get the recipe and send it to you. They really are the best Christmas treat!


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