Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hutterite Diaries Snippet #2

Today's snippet is from the introductory chapter, A Day in the Life of the Author. It's one part of the book I was reluctant to write. It seemed to me that it would be about as interesting as reading a phone book, and told my editor as much. After she stopped laughing, she explained that this chapter would give readers a glimpse of what my day looks like. 

So, I settled down to write it, trying to make it as interesting and varied as I could. I actually ended up enjoying this challenge of ensuring that I steered clear of the 'phone book' type read. I sincerely hope readers find this an engaging opening chapter.

While I eat, I’m reminded of a cute conversation I was privy to earlier: All five of my kindergartners, three girls and two boys were playing house, when an argument ensued. They couldn’t decide who would be married to whom – two of the girls had their heart set on the same boy. Just as I was going to intervene and in some way help settle this dispute, when one girl, with hands on her hips, adamantly stated, “If you want to be a woman in this house, you can be grandma.” Her tone of voice and no-nonsense manner had me turning my back to keep from laughing out loud. Amazingly, this announcement instantly restores peace. And why not, who wouldn’t want to be grandma, who knits the best slippers in the world and has a stash of candies tucked away especially for the Eniklen, her dear grandchildren.

And because I have a number of beautiful endorsements I'd like to share with you, I'll include one of them as well today:

“Linda Maendel’s  clear vision and her loving heart wrapped me in a fine quilt of story as I read. Of all of the books on Hutterites that I have seen, this is the one that I cherish.”  
Joe McLellan, author, the Nanabosho series

(Yes, I changed the background to match this endorsement. What a warm and beautiful metaphor!)

In case you missed what these snippets are about click here.

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