Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Snapshot Muse # 24 - Geh' aus mein Herz und suche Freud'

I love summer, because of the flowers! And I know I don't take enough time to just walk around our colony to admire them all. With a camera, of course. Maybe this evening will work.

I'm just a tad sad right now about my four beautiful pots of bubble gum waves at the school. Someone was spraying the crushed rock for weeds, where the planters stand and killed all four. Right when they were at their loveliest. It took me a few days to finally let go, and realize there was just one thing left to do with them - send them to the compost grounds. Never even got a chance to take pictures of them.

Oh well, such is life...and death. And we still have many, many more lovely flowers around. So I will try to forget these, forgive the person who sprayed and celebrate the plants we can still enjoy for at least another two month. My colony is blessed with quite a few avid gardeners, and I love to listen to their flower stories - sometimes it seems like they're talking about their children.

My song for this post is one by Paul Gerhardt and is one of my favourite summer songs, Geh' aus mein Herz und suche Freud:

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  1. How disappointing! I'm glad you were able to be philosophical about it.


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