Friday, 22 August 2014

What Kept Me From Blogging:

In recent weeks, I`ve spent little to no time in the blog world, (but with good reasons) - I wasn`t visiting other blogs and certainly not writing on my own, other than a few posts here and there. Needless to say, I`ve miss it. I`m not going to promise that will change now, for I can`t, not yet, anyway... That`s right, classes start soon, so preparations for that takes priority. Plus, I`m expecting visitors from Germany in a few days.

I`m on summer break, well, if one can call it that. It`s a break away from classes, for sure. But this is summer on a colony, so there`s tons of work: cooking, baking, gardening, canning, berry picking....

Besides all that, I was part of the planning committee for the International Conference of Hutterian Educators, which took place in Winnipeg, Aug.13th - the 15th. This took up a good chunk of my time, but it was all very worthwhile. The conference was a huge success, getting rave reviews from those who were part of it! We had phenomenal keynote speakers, outstanding presenters, a variety of interesting vendors and many, many attendees: dedicated community leaders, teachers, parents and young people. I`m extremely grateful that so many took time from their busy summer to take in ICHE 2014! Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of this great gathering at the beautiful Victoria Inn:

Our Artist in Residence, Victor Kleinsasser

           A storytelling session with Dora Maendel and Joe McLellen

Kent Julian, our final keynote speaker 

The Victoria Inn served the most fabulous food one could wish for at a conference! Every meal made you feel like you were royalty, being catered to by well-dressed, efficient and friendly waitresses and waiters. Sitting down at those beautifully set, round tables was a grand experience, every time!

Our gorgeous centre pieces, which matched our conference colours perfectly, came from Schapansky`s in Portage la Prairie - delivering them all the way to Winnipeg! These bouquets added an elegant and cheery look to the classy decor. 

When I had a few minutes during the past few months, I did some writing - I`m working on a book. But more on that at some later date. Its something I`m certainly very excited about and I can`t wait to tell you more, However, it will have to wait. So stay tuned!

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  1. A book- how wonderful! Can't wait to hear and read more~


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