Sunday, 3 August 2014

International Conference of Hutterian Educators (ICHE) 2014...

plans are coming together nicely, thanks to our dedicated committee. If you don't already know, it will take place at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg, August 13th -15th. That's where we had it four years ago and it proved to be a great location! There are plenty of rooms for breakout sessions and a huge hall for meals and vendors. And they serve fabulous meals. To learn more about this conference and our wide variety of great presenters and keynote speakers, go to our website: .

This past week a group of Hutterite ladies volunteered to help make our delegate bags. They are gorgeous, but also very special as proceeds go to the Grands 'n' More Winnipeg organization that supports grandmothers in Africa who have to raise their grandchildren.


Many thanks to our seamstresses from Fairholme, Baker and Elm River! You are simply wonderful for your time and efforts and for adding a beautiful touch to ICHE 2014!! We're also grateful that we were able to sew at the Baker sewing room - an ideal place for working together! I loved every minute of working with all of you. Again, on behalf of our entire ICHE 2014 committee, Vielen, vielen Dank!!!

And yes, there's still time to register. Click on the link above for details.

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