Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Das Auto - Volkswagon

Today our class visited Phaeno (Science Museum) - interesting but couldn't really get too excited about it, and Autostadt. I was under the impression we'd be seeing a factory, which we didn't. Although there is one in that area, but it's difficult to tour it as a group, we were told. But we did see the Volkswagon showroom. One shiny car after another, all in one place is rather impressive, I have to admit. However, for me, seen one car, you've seen them all. Nevertheless, after hearing/seeing the ads for Das Auto a number of times back home, seeing this place has created a bigger image of this particular car manufacturer. And I think that's what these showrooms are all about anyway: IMAGE! Oh, interestingly enough, the car we had rented and traveled with for 10 days was a Volkswagen. Ja, Das Auto!

Besides the cars, there were some fun places in that building. Like the room where you got on a swing and a picture was taken of you, which you then could send to your email address.

These two towers are Volkswagen showrooms. We did not get to see the inside, as we didn't have the required two hours of waiting time. I didn't really mind, but I'm sure it would have been cool to see.

and up close:
When you walk through a car showroom, first thing you notice... well after the shiny brand new cars, the place is crawling with salespeople, trying to sell you some wheels, of course. I decided not to buy one, as it would require too much red tape bringing it home. (: But, I had to at least look a little bit interested and sit in one of snazzier models...
Here are a few other models we 'met':
Not totally sure yet, but this may be my last post from Europe. Will see how it goes. We're visiting another school tomorrow and the Hannover Ministry of Education and the Arts, along with a School Books Exhibition on Friday. Saturday we head for Frankfurt and home!
It's been a fabulous three weeks!! Thanks so much for coming along via my blog. I loved having you, as much as I loved bringing my journey to you. Was quite surprised to see how many were interested in this trip. When I left home my monthly visits were at about 4,500. Today they're at 7,153! I believe that has something to do with the Hutterite History content, which makes me very happy. We do have a rich history and we need to appreciate it more... I'm hoping my posts have sparked enough interest to inspire people to read our Hutterite Chronicle. It's worth it!

Bis Bald....


  1. Seems rather techy!
    And you are interested
    in it after all!!

  2. i love all the car stuff myself but yes sadly now days one car looks pretty much like another and we finally have rain here today


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