Thursday, 5 September 2013

Home, Sweet Home!

Yes, I'm home and settling into life on our beautiful flat prairies again. In many places in Europe, especially Austria and Sued Tirol you walk either up or down, with not too much flat or straight in between. And for this prairie girl, it was a bit much at times. Nevertheless, it was a fabulous three weeks! Could not have wished this trip any better. Just one little disappointment when we arrived at the Winnipeg airport - my suitcase, not done traveling yet, decided to take a little side trip to Toronto, (we came through Montreal). Oh well. It eventually caught up with me a few days later, all intact. Thanks to Air Canada and Greyhound Bus!

Thank you for following our journey and your prayers for protection. We were glad to have you along and daily felt your prayers on our behalf.

There's a long list of people who hosted us (now dear friends), who we can't thank enough. All of you made us feel right at home in a very short period of time. You truly were our family and our home away from home. We hope that someday we'll be able to return this favour, when you come to Manitoba, Canada.

Some of you following my blog, wanted to see more pictures. I have tons, but of course can only post a fraction of them. Here then, for your enjoyment are a few more:

The Queen Mary, anchored in Hamburg, when we had a boat ride there

Dom St. Jakobs - Innsbruck

a typical Austrian building - vines and flowers

Yup, that's the road that took us up the mountain - not exactly like the Trans Canada

An arch we walked through on a tour Robert Hochgruber gave us...
with Kiwis growing next to it:


And for a final shot: the view from our Sued Tirol hosts, Robert and Martha's deck - gorgeous in all directions!!


  1. I enjoyed all of your posts, linda. It might be the closest I get to the places where our forefathers lived. Although I'm still hoping I do get a chance to one day visit those places as well.

  2. Never give up that dream, Derek. It may come true, just like it did for me. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the posts. Was a joy bringing them to you.

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  4. THanks for bringing your journey right to us, Linda! Luv the photos!
    and glad it was a JoY for you...


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