Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sharing Our World... in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba is an opportunity for the people of various cultures in area to share their world with others. Those taking part, can choose what all they wish to share. All have a booth where a variety of things can be displayed. Some bring cultural food, for people to sample. There's also entertainment all afternoon, provided by the different culture. There may be singing, step dancing, musical instruments being played...depending on what people choose to do that year. Towards the end there's also a time for some to take the stage and showcase their cultural dress and explain what they signify or where they originate from. This year we showcased a Hutterite wedding dress and an Austrian Dirndl, which our dress style is modeled after.

At the very end Aboriginals did a friendship dance and invited people to join them. As they make their way through the audience more and more join the line, holding hands with the person beside them and doing a little step dance, with drummers helping them keep time. I always think that's a fitting way to end the event. Because that is what it's all about - no matter what cultures we all belong to, we can all be friends, respecting each others differences and celebrating the fact that we're all humans created by a loving God.

This is the fourth year we've taken part...and the event seems to be growing each year.

Glass mosaic pieces depicting Hutterite History on display at our booth

Another part of our booth

Daria (left) in a Hutterite wedding dress and Nicole (right) wearing the Austrian Dirndl

Of course we totally enjoyed visiting the other booths, sampling their food and listening to their music.

the Ukrainian table

I loved seeing this mom walk around with her baby on her back.

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  1. What a fun thing! I would have loved to have seen it all~


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