Saturday, 28 April 2012

Prairie Gems

There's something about deserted old buildings that fascinates me. A few years ago I started photographing some that I happened to see when traveling in my home province, Manitoba. Now I have this a little collection, which I'm hoping to make into a set of cards one day.


Some seem haunted, others sort of sad and tired, and all have this rustic beauty about them, that seems to tell stories of another era. As my eyes linger on these prairie gems, I can't help but wonder what memories these walls hold, where the people are who once lived there. Or why they abandoned the place.

Standing Guard

I love the colours in this old barn. It would make a gorgeous backdrop for 'pioneer pictures'.


I traveled past this little leaning shack many times and never had a camera with me - and then one day, after one wind too many, it was gone. Fortunately a friend had some pictures that she was willing to share.
Rhubarb Hut

Prairie Shanty

Still Sturdy

Weary Threesome

Are there any 'abandoned jewels' in your area? Or maybe you recognise one of these. Perhaps you've lived in a house that now holds nothing but memories. Care to share?

I'll leave you with this Wheely Tired one.


  1. North Carolina where my cousins live has so many old houses and barns similar to these. I go visit some every time I am in the area, and never cease to marvel and wonder what stories they tell if they could talk.

  2. These pictures are wonderful. I too love old buildings and taking snapshots of them. Thank you for sharing. These would make great ideas for authors to use to write about, wouldn't they???/

  3. These are great! I also enjoy photographing old farmsteads, and I agree - the abandoned ones do sometimes have a certain aura about them. Very neat pictures - thanks for sharing this journey into what once was...

  4. i like your names for them :-)


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