Friday, 5 August 2011

A Week in our Bakery

For the better part of this week, I had the joy of working in our bakery. Talk about a sweet place to spend some time at! So that you can have a taste, (well actually, you can't taste this, sorry) I'll share some mouth-watering pictures:

Always popular, sticky buns, with whole wheat flour -
a fabulous snack!

Whole wheat bread - perfect for crunchy peanut butter and
Maendel Maple Syrup

monkey bread - need I say more?

Strawberry Roll Cookies

and white buns - waiting for a dollop of homemade jam


  1. Looks delicious, i love bread especially when its warm out of the oven. Richard

  2. Oh wow, Linda! Delicious & scrumptious looking creations! I particularly love the bread & the nut butter suggestion along with Maendel maple syrup ;-)

  3. can u post the recipes please?

  4. Yes, Plain Girl. Remind if I forget, OK?

  5. ok.
    why don't u start a recipe page?


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