Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth Day - The Earth is the Lord's...

In celebration of Earth Day, I'm going to highlight a corner related to that concept right here on my blog. Click on the Recyling tab at the top of this page to read how Hutterites get involved in recyling. Or maybe you have already. I know many of you have seen these pages, because of the feedback I get from you. I appreciate it so much when you take the time to share your thoughts!

Blogs are great places to inspire others to recycle. One blog that comes to mind right away is: Bags for Darfur where the host recycles a variety of items to sew and sell bags. The proceeds are donated to help children in Darfur. Joyce making a difference on two fronts! Now here's an idea: Why not shop at this green and giving place? Hurry, before someone snags the bag you want!

You too can share and inspire and here's your chance. To celebrate Earth Day, I'd love to hear your recycling story. Or maybe you know of a blog or website that has inspired you. Or maybe even a book...whatever it is, you can share that here as well.

We can also draw inspiration from the Psalmist David: The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. By recycling instead of throwing out, shopping at a thrift shop rather than a department store, or creating something new from a piece of so-called junk.... we're taking care of the earth - the place God has given us to live.

 Let's keep our planet clean... 
                                                     one 'green' deed at the time!


  1. You are so right! I hate waste of any kind, and recycling is always a win/win situation.

  2. I'm glad recycling is so big now because I have to think long and hard about something before I throw it in the actual trash. If there's a way to reuse it, I'll figure it out. Thanks to Pinterest and Google, you can repurpose so many things (in a cute way) that otherwise would've been filling the dumpster.

    Thanks for the link to Joyce's site, I've added her Etsy shop to my "Favorites" - cute stuff!

  3. "The place God has given us to live." Yes. I like that. And I love the creativity He's shown in the making of it. Just beautiful, and wild in spots. :)

    Happy spring!


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