Thursday, 11 April 2013

Snow Chuckles

I few days ago we had relatives visiting from South Dakota. At one point in the evening we were sharing snow stories. They say they have/had as much snow as we. But I'm positive we had more. ('had', because it's gone down about a foot. We marked how high it was on a tree in our yard, just so we can look at it and feel cool during the July heat wave.) This is Manitoba!

Anyway, back to my original story. One of the ladies visiting told us this funny story about her grandson:

In school the teacher told the children last month, "It's the first day of spring today." The little boy took one look out the window and announced, "Teacher, I think you not know your seasons."

our back deck during a storm

It's snowing right now. And I'm dreaming green.


  1. Oh, how funny he is! You all have not had spring, and we have not had winter. I hope you get your warm days soon~

  2. Ya am so looking forward to the hot July days! yesterday I read a tweet that said something about cool Aprils mean hot Julys, and I do think there's something behind that.

    and I agree, teacher doesn't know her seasons! (chuckle)

  3. This has been a familiar sight this Spring for us! The snowfall this year has just be crazy. Winter came in like a lamb and is leaving like one, too!



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