Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lean On Me... when it's your first time on skates

It's got to start somewhere...

I caught this trio on the way home from school a few years ago. I still have to chuckle when I look at these pictures. I guess they bring back memories of my own unstable moments on skates, and the not so graceful landings. My 'rink' was the frozen La Salle River, full of perfect cracks to get your blades stuck in.  I never saw past my fear of breaking an ankle. So, that's where my dream of skating died - forever frozen or flowing on the river, depending which season we're in.

This 'skating rink' was behind our school. The boy obviously never even made it home after school, as he still has his school bag on his back. He was so bent on helping his friend learn the art of skating that he forgot about after school snack.

Lean on me.....

"You can do it! Don't worry, we'll hold you up."

"Did you say, you'll hold me up? Didn't work."

"I think you should go like this. See, it's easy."

"I'll try it on my own now."   

"Nope, it's not easy and the ice is really hard, too."

"I think I'm catching on! Woo-hoo!"


  1. What precious pictures- now that is true, from-the-heart friendship. I'm sure I could never ice skate without some type of injury...

  2. I guess I kinda have the same excuse as you do as to never having mastered the art of skating, plus as it was kinda "vehbutn" :-) associated with hockey eg: never seemed to want to risk it to learn, lol some of the others were awesome skaters tho!

  3. TOO cute! She's got some nice skates to learn with. I remember some old ones I had that I had to wear my shoes with them and they tied around my shoes or something. That makes me sound like I'm 100. Great pics ~

  4. Sweet post, Linda! I love the pics :)

  5. This reminds me of the two sisters I watched roller skating on a street in Pinecraft a few days.

  6. Thanks for your comments, everybody. I love looking through my pictures every once in a while. I actually have some real treasures, like the ones in this post.


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