Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Some More Amana Tidbits

As you're aware, a few months ago I did a few posts on the Amana Colonies and their relations to the Hutterites. In case you want to see these, or maybe even missed them, here are the links to them:
Since then I've been given a few more related pictures to add to my Amana collection. I'm always excited to hear when some of my posts prompt special memories for readers, and they share these with me. The pictures I'm sharing today are from my good friends, Norman and Darlene Hofer, from Freeman South Dakota. They are known as Prairie People, and are a group of people who share the same history as the Hutterites. When the Hutterites first came to North America, this group chose to settle on individual farms as opposed to living communally. (Perhaps I'll write a longer post about that at some point. Norman, maybe you can help me. Would be great to have you as a guest on my blog!)

In any case, Norman and Darlene Hofer visited the Amana Colonies some years ago and shared some of their photos.

The house Michael Hofer lived in at Main Amana.

Norman Hofer at Michael Hofer's grave. Note that all graves are exactly alike.

Darlene Hofer with Mariette Moerschal a relative of Michael Hofer who they met at Amana.

The machine shop Michael Hofer worked in.

Apparently Michael was quite a handyman. This is a dollhouse he built for his daughters. It is now displayed at the Amana Museum. 

Another example of his handiwork.

Thanks so much, Norman for sharing these pictures with me!


  1. I love reading about this and shall be going through your posts later this evening. What a great craftsman he is, as well!

  2. You are amazing, Linda. Once again, you are telling me new things. I am interested in learning more about the prairie people. I am also wondering how Norman is related to me. Thanks. Susan


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