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The Molly Stories - Marlene Reimer

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This set consists of five books: The Tomato Tornado, Goose in Boots, The Big Blizzard, Goodbye Old Housebarn and The Best Surprise Ever. Each one is a delightful account of the author’s childhood memories of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and is especially written for young children. But, by no means am I saying that the stories cannot be appreciated and enjoyed by older children and even adults. I love how each story starts with, ‘I am Molly. I live in a yellow house, on the edge of town, under the big prairie sky.’ What I find the most amazing about these books are the unique and beautiful illustrations created by Marlene herself. Here’s the explanation from the books:

What warm boots couldn't fix!
Since Marlene, both the writer and illustrator of the Molly stories, didn’t think of herself as a fine enough artist to illustrate with pencil and paintbrush, she decided to create sets and scenes to photograph these stories. Looking back, traditional illustrating might have been a lot easier!
Now, some years after conceiving this brainchild, Marlene has sculpted seven dolls representing herself and her childhood family. Years of finding and making small furniture and other accessories, creating a replica of her childhood home complete with shed, outhouse, clothes lines, and a landscape and horizon to go with it, have resulted in a labour of love far beyond her original intent. Details, details, details! 
As you read these stories with your little ones, you, too can wonder at the creativity and nostalgia of it all.
Storm-stayed at Grandma and
Grandpa's house.
I’m so glad that Marlene didn’t go with ‘traditional illustrating’. This is so much more unique and not to mention clever! I’m also happy to say, that I’ve met this talented author and have seen her amazing props.
My favourite book in this set is, 'The Tomato Tornado' - Molly imagines tomatoes falling from the sky, after misunderstanding when her mom tells her about a tornado in the forecast. A cute and funny tale!
 About the author:

Marlene still lives under the big prairie sky in Steinbach, Manitoba, where the simple and idyllic childhood, portrayed in these books, took place.
The creative passion that you see in these books is the same creative passion that coloured the way she and her husband raised their four children. Now Marlene’s grandchildren are experiencing the benefits of this creativity. They can always count on grandma to read their favourite books with flair. “Now it’s time for another story…I am Molly…”

A family history lesson.
I can certainly see how these books will always be family treasures! And also why any child would enjoy having them. They are a delightful little family of books. I'm looking forward to future Molly Stories.

At this time the books are not sold separately, but as a set of five. Marlene sells them for $20 a set. If you wish to order from her, she can be reached at: 1 204 326 4184 or 
The books are also available at:

·         Toad Hall Toys, the Forks Crafts Store in Winnipeg, MB

·         Mennonite Heritage Village

·          MJ's restaurant in Steinbach.

I highly recommend this delightful and beautifully illustrated storybook set!
Marlene, I'm so grateful that Verna introduced us and that I got to spend some time with you, listen to your dreams about these books (that's where it was at when I met you) and to see your fantastic illustration props up close! I'm so glad your dream became a reality and that through it, others will get to enjoy your books!
Well done, Marlene! I'm really looking forward to your next books! 




  1. Oh my word, those are ADORABLE! I love those "illustrations" - what a neat idea. I just saw that Toad Hall Toys has a website. I'll have to see if they ship to the U.S. Thanks for sharing and have a great Monday ~

  2. looks like a lovely set. Thank you for sharing xo


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