Monday, 27 August 2012

Hutterian Brethren Sign Design

 Besides farming and manufacturing Hutterites use their creativity and thrive in a number of other industries as well.  Located at Baker Colony, MacGregor, Manitoba, HB Sign Design is a relatively new enterprise.  
New upstart business? 
Logo design, business cards, signs or decals -
whatever your printing needs.
Family farm, business or cottage sign? 
We can create a variety of designs or mock-ups to capture your personal look or style.
Unique print or art project?  
Let us help with brainstorming, design options and ideas.  We print labels, decals, stickers, booklets - big or small we are happy to help out with any print project.
Home or Office decor? 
Wall art, canvas, posters, family photos, greeting cards -
variety of options, styles at very affordable prices.
Box 40  MacGregor,  MB  R0H 0R0
Ph. (204) 272.5132 
           (204) 272.5132      
       (204) 252.2437 
            (204) 252.2437     
Fax. (204) 252.2381  
A glimpse at some of their exceptional work:

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  1. I think the Hutterite and the Amish and some of the most resourceful people groups.


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