Saturday, 1 September 2012

Say it With Straw

Because of the fact that our home is a giant farm, there's always lots of fun things for children to do. This is especially true during harvest time. Nothing beats riding along with dad on the combine or truck. Other harvest highlights include joining a brother/cousin on a swather, or playing hide and seek in a big corn patch.

So, with fun and photography in mind my sister and I headed to a nearby freshly baled field with our nephews, Jakobi and Terrance. Forget about the perfect pose with two lively little boys - just let them play and try to capture some sweet moments. Haven't met a kid yet who doesn't like to play with straw, our sweethearts are no exception.

Outside of sticking it in his mouth, Terrance didn't know what to do with the straw. From his golden perch, Jakobi loved throwing it in the air and watching it flutter to the ground.

 Jakobi wanted no part of sitting on top of those big round bales, but little brother, Terrance had no fear and thought it was great fun.
So, with feet firmly on the ground, Jakobi too enjoyed this new adventure.

"Let's see, what could I do? Oh, I know!"

 "I think I can roll this thing."

 "Guess not, too prickly."

"How about hide and seek?"


 I'm on top of the world, lookin' down on creation...

"That's it, when I grow up, I wanna be a farmer!
Sorry daddy, but there's nothing like this in your carpenter shop."

No pricey toys.
No faraway place.
No travel expenses.
Just good old fashioned, freshly baled straw fun...
So what if it's prickly and itchy.
All part of the down home country charm,
That engages all senses to
create sweet homemade memories.


  1. Of course this post is right up my alley, children at play and being themselves.

  2. Ditto to Katie's comment - children being themselves and having fun make some of the best photo subjects. The one of him pushing the hay bale should be a screensaver. Love those! One is cuter than the next. Thanks for sharing those ~

  3. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Hugs!

  4. Oh yes! There is nothing like straw & bales of hay to entertain children--a memorable way to spend late summer/early autumn days! Beautiful pics of the boys, Linda and treasured moments!


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