Friday, 13 May 2011

Still Fighting the Flood

The tension in the area is still pretty high, with the dike breach projected to take place early tomorrow morning. This means volunteers, along with many from our colony out in forces, frantically helping neighbors protect their homes. Our kitchen is busy preparing and delivering food to sandbaging sites. Yesterday for supper it was chili and fresh baked buns. The noon meal today it consisted of perogies, chicken and gritz soup.Our colony, which happens to be 'on the right side of the railroad tracks' will hopefully not be affected. However 90% of our fields are in the 'controlled flooding' area. To see a glimpse of community spirit at work in this crisis click here. For the latest on the dike breach, just 5 miles from here.

I just got back from taking food to people who are still busy with last minute diking. We served mostly soldiers who really appreciated a hot home-cooked meal of stew and fresh buns, cookies and coffee for dessert. It's official, the breach will happen at 6 AM tomorrow.

We're grateful for all emails and phone calls from many people far and near. Even though you're not physically present, your prayers, inquiries, offers to help and kind words are helping to keep our spirits up as we continue to fight the menacing Assiniboine.

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