Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Breach Has Happened

Emotions are running high this morning, as the dike has been breached and for people directly affected it's fear of the unknown, Yes, water will hit their property, but to what extent? One family we know has a green house and they are still there anxiuosly waiting inside their sandbag dikes, with a motor boat waiting should they have to leave suddenly. This green house is their livelihood and of course they want to see what happens. Other neighbors have left their homes for how long they don't know. For a visual update click here.

Listening to CBC is quite touching as people call in and offer help people, opening their homes to people who need to evacuate, offering to take care of pets and so much more. This is Manitoba community spirit at it's finest!

It definately feels different being in a flood zone as opposed to being far removed. We know many of the people and have helped (and are continuing to) with sandbagging, preparing and bringing food, storing food in our freezer for them. Our hearts go out to all our neighbors, while we hope and pray the railroad track will indeed be the barrier that keeps the water from our colony. Stay posted, I will try to leave updates as things unfold.

I was going to post pictures, but my sister has them on her computer and she's out sandbagging. We just learned that a neighboring family needs sandbaggers, and they're not even home.


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