Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mosquito Mantra

           Just last week, yes, when it was still April, I settled down with a book. After a few pages I heard it, that unmistakeable, super annoying, monotonous buzz. “Unbelievable!” I grumbled, “It’s only April!”
            Nevertheless, Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I know only one creature with that sound and I wanted her dead. NOW! However, instead of swatting blindly, I froze, gritted my teeth and waited, knowing full well what this critter was after. Sure enough, she landed on my arm, readied for the sting. “Oh no you don’t.” And at the risk of 1000 blood-sucking relatives coming to the funeral -- Smack! “Sorry to spoil your way too early arrival!”
Yup, we’re going from winter woes straight to mosquito madness.
            Interestingly enough, a few weeks before, on a blustery Friday afternoon, a poem came to me. Not sure what inspired it – maybe the glorious absence of the petite pests. Somebody must have told Mrs. Mosquito, who promptly paid me a visit, which sadly led to her demise.
Blustery day
Icy and white,
Don’t know why
You buzzed into my brain
Surely not because
I’m itching to see you
Or hear you
Haven’t seen you in months
Not ashamed to say
Never missed you
Never will
Nothing about you is endearing
Or even remotely likeable
Your voice is irritating
You steal
You come uninvited
Stay too long
Your song always has the same
Nerve wrecking tune
You can’t comprehend
 Stealing is sin
You haven’t learned
That you’re never welcome.

One thing about blustery days
You can’t come
I’m totally fine with that
I’ve about had it with your
Unpleasant visits
You petite pest
You tiny terror
You monotone minstrel –

You too are one of
God’s creations,
Minuscule maddening you
Here to remind me
All serve a purpose
Even the mosquito.   

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