Monday, 22 May 2017

Heading to Watertown, SD to share Hutterite-Written Books with Colony Teachers

I'm always excited when an opportunity comes up for me to get my books into the hands of students, especially those in Hutterite schools, for I know we don't have many Hutterite-written books on our shelves. I've said it numerous times, and will repeat it again, it's important for our children to have books where they can identify with the culture, beliefs and values. One Hutterite teacher summed it up rather nicely, "I love the rich Hutterian culture just oozing out of every single sentence. I think my students immediately recognized and connected with the 'Hutterite-ism' as soon as I started reading it to them." 

On June the 1st and 2nd I'll be at the annual Colony Teachers Conference in Watertown, South Dakota, hosted by the South East Education Cooperative out of Fargo, North Dakota. This year's conference theme is writing and I've been invited to come share Hutterite Diaries with the attendees. I'm grateful for this opportunity and am really looking forward to not only share my book, but also take in some sessions, and meet colony teachers. 

My sincere thanks to the organizers, especially Gwyneth and Erika, for telling me about this conference, helping me get registered, and allowing me to set up an author table. Besides my own book, I'll also tell teachers about other beautiful Hutterite-written books. 

Here are some other books written and illustrated by Hutterites, available at HB Book Centre and/or Amazon:
  • Marty’s Adventure – Elma Maendel and Cynthia Stahl
  • Marty’s Colour Adventure – Elma Maendel and Cynthia Stahl
  • Playing Like Timothy – Johannes Waldner and Victor Kleinsasser
  • Jewell Adventure – Gilbert Hofer and Victor Kleinsasser
  • Es Lauft e Meisl – Karis Hofer
  • Flowing Through the Seasons – Herman and Cynthia Stahl
  • Hutterischa Bibl Tschichtlen – Linda Maendel
  • My Hutterite Life – Lisa Marie Stahl
  • Sarah’s Journey: the Story of a Hutterite Woman – Debbie P. Stahl 
  • Lindas Gluecklicher Tag - Linda Maendel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
If you're a colony teacher, do your students a huge favour; introduce them to books written by Hutterites. You'll never regret it. These books also make meaningful gifts for Hutterites who've never heard about them. And yes, I'm sure there are many who haven't.

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