Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gifting Books for Christmas

I love giving books as gifts, especially at Christmas time. And this Christmas I'm happy to have one of my own, Hutterite Diaries to add to my gift-books. 

As a child I once got an hilarious book, Hello, Mr. Twiddle> These days I love to read it to my students. You can read about it here.

Which book found its way under your tree in the past? Were you excited, or maybe not so much? That happens, too. People mean well, but sometimes their gifts are not exactly our 'cup of tea'.

One year someone gave me a big, hard cover Christmas craft and cookbook. It was beautiful, with its shiny pages full of exquisite crafts and foods. The only problem, I'm not the crafty-cooky type, so it didn't go on the keeper shelf. I ended up giving it to someone who could appreciate it more than I did, and I was grateful to the person who gave it me in the first place, for it made a fabulous gift. There's something to be said about those 're-gifting' items! Also, it always seems to me, books are meant to be shared anyway, therefore, I don't keep very many. I put them into our adult library or give them to family and friends. I've also donated some to our local library. And I'm not offended when people tell me they've 're-gifted' a book I'd given them -- it's all about sharing the joy of story.

If you have a book you're planning on using as a Christmas gift this year, I'd love to hear about it! Or maybe you have a story to share about a book that you once got for Christmas.

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