Saturday, 12 December 2015

'Christmas is Loving, Giving and Sharing!'

We're right in the midst of practicing for our annual Christmas program at our school. And one of the lines in the Kindergartner's recitations reads 'Christmas is loving, giving and sharing.' So true! There are so many ways to practice these. Here's one that touched my heart recently.

As we're getting closer Christmas, it's heartwarming to see a number of writers using excerpts from Hutterite Diaries on their websites and in their newspaper columns. A while back, Elizabeth Ford had a Christmas story from my book featured on Amish Wisdom.

Yesterday, I got a sweet email from Melodie Davies (Herald Press) saying she'd love to use the same Christmas story for her weekly column, which appears in eight newspapers, including one in my home province, Winkler, Manitoba. You can read that column by clicking here.

My sincere thanks to both Melodie Davies and Elizabeth Ford for choosing to share one of my Christmas stories with their readers. I am truly humbled and really appreciate this.

Just a reminder, Hutterite Diaries is still on sale at the Menno Media online store. For more information, click here.

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