Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Scenic Eisacktal, Tschötsch, Süd Tirol, Italy

I have to post these gorgeous picture! (No, I'm not wishing winter back.) As you know, I was in Europe last August and part of that trip was spent in Süd Tirol, Italy. Robert and Marta Hochgruber and family were our sweet hosts. Back then I wrote about my room with a view, as it overlooked the scenic Eisacktal. Simply breath-taking! Knowing how much I loved this view and that I'd expressed interest in seeing it in winter, Robert just sent me these pictures. They bring back so many special memories!!! I think I want to go back there in the fall now.

Aahhh, the church in the valley - loved the sound of those bells early in the morning!!

The mountains Jakob and Katherina Hutter walked on, from St. Lorenzen to Klausen, where they were captured.

Auf den Nebel folgt die Sonn'. (Sun follows fog)

Bright blue sky and a valley full of fog.

Vielen Dank, Robert und Marta!!
I'm so grateful that I met you and your dear family 
and that we're now friends!


  1. Beautiful Pictures. I can't blame you for wanting to go back.

  2. One day, hopefully, Katie. For now I'm still quite content to savour last summer's memorable trip.


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