Saturday, 5 April 2014

Snapshot Muse #14 - Vessel of Mercy

It's not always that words on the wall get our attention, or even keep drawing you back for another look. I saw this hanging in the home of a friend recently, and it spoke to me. I read it a few times and was touched each time. It caused me to pause and give this some thought.

Maybe there is a deeper reason why people walk across our minds sometimes, other than merely thinking about them, that is - remembering some happy times we spent together, or even sad or unpleasant ones....

Perhaps that person is struggling with something that you're not even aware of, or maybe you do know that he/she is going through a rough time. And pausing in prayer on his/her behalf seems like such a small thing to do, but as we know, it's powerful.

Even just asking a blessing on the person who came to mind unexpectedly... at least that is what this wall hanging reminded me of. "And so in case he needs my prayer. I pray."

The song 'Vessel of Mercy' sung here by the Harmony Quartet seemed like a good fit for this post, because aren't we all called to be vessels of mercy?

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