Thursday, 20 March 2014

Snapshot Muse #12 - Joy is Like the Rain

As much as I love winter, with it's brilliant whiteness, blustery days and yes, even the extreme cold - I'm ready for vivid colours, spring showers, balmy days and going barefoot! Today marks the first day of spring and my hope springs new, that warmer days are not too far away. We'll try not to think about that -20 forecast for Sunday. Let's all post spring/summer pictures, for apparently today is also International Day of Happiness - so yes, spread some joy - lots of it - everywhere!

Speaking of joy, here is one of my favourite songs from the Medical Mission Sisters. I learned this one, along with many of this group's other songs, in school many years ago. Mr. Patrick Moore was our teacher at the time. He was the last non-Hutterite teacher to live on the colony while teaching here. After school he worked in the barns. His wife, Sandy, even had a cook week and took part in all other work the women did. Coming to think of it, Pat celebrated a birthday on St. Patrick's Day. (I hope you had a very special day, Pat! Thank you for introducing me to the Medical Mission Sisters!)

 I always remember it, because my dad's birthday is on the 18th. For quite a few years now, dad has been celebrating his birthday in heaven and we here are content with all our precious memories of him.

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  1. An extremely beautful picture! I looked at it several times today.


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