Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Snapshot Muse #10 - Eastern Sky in Bloom

And God painted another masterpiece! Walking to school in the morning and seeing a splendid sunrise makes my day! I always see it as God saying "Good Morning" in a magnificent way. This one from a few days ago, was unlike any sunrise I'd ever seen before - the golden arch stretch clear across our colony diagonally. Very striking! Immediately I thought of the song, Eastern Sky in Bloom and knew this is going to be my next Snapshot Muse. This song was written by Butch Wipf, a Hutterite who resides here in Manitoba.

Unfortunately I don't have an audio or video of this beautiful song, but here is the second stanza and refrain:

When the winds of trials blow, and the evening shadows show,
Lord protect this sacred flame, keep it burning just the same.
When we see the darkened west, help us see that it's at rest.
As the eastern eyelids rise, oh, what hope that signifies!

As the eastern sky in bloom greets the dawn of every morn,
May our hearts each day anew, magnify Your holy Name!
Lord we've said it o'er and o'er, we just want to know You more!
Please accept the words we say, as we praise You every day!

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