Saturday, 9 November 2013

New CD by Hutterite Storyteller, Dora Maendel

This is the third CD that Dora Maendel has released. All three are in the Hutterisch language and are available at the HB Book Centre. I enjoy all of Dora's CD's, because she is an incredible storyteller. This new one is very special as it has three stories from our history, including the Jacob Hutter story. If you love to listen to stories in Hutterisch, no doubt you will want to get this CD. Or maybe you'll want to get a few and use them a stocking stuffers this Christmas.


I was born in 1951 at New Rosedale Colony, 35 km. southwest of Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, Canada. Like other Hutterite children, I attended Klanaschul, beginning just after my third birthday. This was paradise! Throughout the summer months, my playmates and I enjoyed the picket-fenced Klanaschul ground with its grass, shrubs, sandbox, seesaw, swings and slide. Supervised by a Klanaschuelankela, we ate, napped, sang, heard stories and prayed. Sometimes we walked to Ondreas Vetter's orchard or to the goose barn to see Mike Vetter's goslings.

 Each day, one of three women had her turn enriching our lives. I hear:  Revekah Basel praying, "Ich bin ein kleines Kindelein und meine Kraft ist schwach..."; Susannah Basel singing, "Himmlische Sonne! Himmlische Sonne! Bestrahle mein Herz mit Liebe so rein!"; and Sanna Basel telling us the story of a young Jewish girl in the house of Naeman in Syria.

 Today I live and teach at Fairholme Colony, 10 km. south of New Rosedale

Well done, Dora! Thanks for sharing your gift of storytelling with us. All three of your CD's are unique treasures!

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  1. Treasures, indeed! I'm so glad she's recorded these for future generations~


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