Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Central Manitoba Youth Choir

A few weeks ago we had the Central Manitoba Youth Choir come and perform at our school. Their repertoire had folksongs, Negro Spirituals and songs many other hymns. All were very well done and heartily enjoyed by the audience. They were directed by Stuart Sladden and their accompanist was Loren Hiebert. Their tour organizer, Al Thorliefson was here with them as well.

I loved their song from various music traditions and how those songs were performed: mixed, men, or ladies choirs. Their opening number was especially very interesting, with only some choir members on the stage area and the rest in other spots in the room, giving their song, Praise His Holy Name, a surround sound affect.

Unfortunately we didn't record any of the songs. Was going to add a You Tube clip here, but was unable to find anything recent. And the choir does change somewhat each year.

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