Sunday, 11 August 2013

One more post from Zurich

It's just after seven in the morning and there's a beautiful breeze coming through my Bed and Breakfast window! In the distance I can hear church bells and cars traveling over cobblestone streets, just below me. And my two roommates are still in dreamland. If they'd know about the beautiful breakfast awaiting them, they'd be scrambling out of bed. I think I'll go get myself another cup of coffee...

Hearing the bells, I can't help but think, that's where Hutterites got the idea of using a bell to call people to meals, work and church. Years ago each colony had a big bell in front of the communal kitchen. These days it's a PA system in most colonies.

I thought I'd quickly post a few more pictures, before we travel to Austria. Was a bit rushed with yesterday's post.

Lunch in Toronto. We had a lovely surprise in TO when we ran into a friend, Dianne Diggle from home. She was on her way home from Quebec. I wonder if we could have planned it that way.
Manuela Schmied came to the airport in an Austrian Dirndl, knowing how much I love these dresses. Here we were waiting for our rental car.
I'll leave you with another view of Grossmuenster with the Limmat River in the fore ground.

Also, bis bald.....


  1. Sounds and looks wonderful!! I'm glad you're sharing your journey with us ~ I love hearing about it and seeing the pics. Enjoy ~

  2. love your posts! just wondering tho Linda who else is there with you besides Kathy?

  3. The breakfast looks scrumptious! Have fun :)

  4. Lydia, Jack from Decker, Sam, Hutterville and my sister Elma


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