Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Grosslobming, Austria

Robert, Julia and Wendelin
Some years ago we had Julia Pichler at our colony for three weeks. She was working on her thesis, part of which included our Hutterisch dialect.

Thus, we arranged to visit her family. It was great to see Julia again and to meet the rest of her family, especially little Wendelin. They are wonderful hosts and would have liked us to stay longer, but because of our tight schedule we couldn’t make it happen. We arrived there in the evening, stayed overnight and left shortly after breakfast the next morning. Both meals that they prepared for us were delicious!

 Julia gave me a very special gift – a beautiful Dirndl! It’s special because our dress style originates from Austria. It’ll be great to have one on hand for people to see, when we take part in Heritage Days.
Have to chuckle when I see this photo though - haven't worn a red dress since I was a little girl, I think.  Was not sure if I wanted to post it, but thought it would be a good idea to anyway, as this is a trip about where the Hutterites came from and to point out to people that women still wear  a similar style dress today. And maybe some have never seen a Dirndl...or a Hutterite in one. (:

The other picture is my friend, Cornelia from Innsbruck. She's the one I met through email and just got to see her for real on this trip. She's wearing the Dirndl from the area where she lives - for each area the style varies a bit.
 Thank you so much, Julia, I will always treasure this. Many thanks also to the rest of your family for your wonderful hospitality! I’m so glad you invited us and that we were able to fit a visit into our schedule. It was short, but so sweet!

Heading for Wien from here...where we'll visit with Raphael Zyadeh and others... and see more historical places.



  1. Linda, your new Dirndl is lovely. It is very easy to see how the dress style has transferred to your daily dress. Nice photo.

  2. wow Linda, that's awesome, glad you got one, just wondering tho, do they make those dresses themselves, or can you buy them (in stores maybe?)

    you look good! :-)

  3. Lydia, I'm assuming most people buy them, but I've also heard of some who make their own.

  4. Linda, love your pictures and memories of your trip to Germany. Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday, a little late.


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