Thursday, 6 June 2013

Anybody Home?

At this time of year it's very common to find bird's nest, and some in very peculiar places. Case in point, there's a duck nest beside a tree on our school yard, but we never see any ducks. Don't they usually settle near the water? Or is it even a duck's nest? Any thoughts?

Whoever these feathered friends are, have they abandoned the nest for some reason? Could be, as one of the boys touched the eggs upon discovering the nest. Good time to reinforce that you never touch the eggs or the babies. Rather sad, should the nest really have been abandoned. Would be cute to see a family of ducks waddling around the playground.

There are just five eggs...seems to me they usually have more. But maybe I'm mistaken. We'll see what happens. Will keep you posted.


Another Nest:

 My reason for including this picture is that I love the bright lime greens. And that wasn't even what I was trying to capture! I was trying to get a shot of the other nest that we're watching - on top of the pillar. But more on that in another post...when I can add all the details. This one, I'm happy to say, was not abandoned.

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