Friday, 31 May 2013


Today marks an historical milestone for Hutterites - four young women graduated from the Brandon University Nursing Program. While we have many trained teachers in Canada and in the United States, we've never had trained nurses. The four new nurses are all from Manitoba, my home province.  Would have loved to post four convocation pictures, but was unable to do so. So here are the three I do have:
Andrea Maendel - Fairholme Colony
Phoebe Wurtz - Oak River Colony

Judith Maendel - Baker Colony

Missing is Tamara Hofer, Netley Colony. (I would gladly add her picture as well, if someone would be kind enough to share one.)
I'm sure someone will ask... Yes, the Maendels are distantly related to me. (my claim to fame) And as for the other two, Tamara's maiden name is Maendel and Phoebe's mom was a Maendel, so I'll claim them as relatives as well. (-:
Andrea, Tamara, Judith and Phoebe, you've done us proud! Enjoy this day! You deserve it!
Also graduating today were two other Hutterites: Eberhard Hofer, Acadia Colony and Marilyn Hofer, Riverdale Colony. They now hold a degree in education and will be serving their communities as teachers.
Well Done, Eberhard and Marilyn! (Would gladly add those picture here as well.)



  1. This is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations to all the graduates.

  2. That's great ~ and they're using their education for the greater good. Congrats and blessings to them and those that will benefit from their knowledge. If I could do it all over again, I'd like to think I'd be a nurse. My mom was a nurse. ♥


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