Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hutterpark in Austria - the Land of our Fathers

I find this article both interesting and inspiring. Thank you Jesse for sharing it. For sure, this place will be a place that Hutterites going to Austria will want to visit.

Written by: Jesse Hofer (Hutterian Brethren website)
History is rich with irony and in Innsbruck another instance of table turning is unfolding. Since 2005, members of the interdenominational Hutterer Arbeitskreis Tyrol and S├╝dTyrol[1] have worked tirelessly to create awareness of the Anabaptist history in the region. The witness of the Anabaptists has personally moved each of the group members. In 2007, the Arbeitskreis was inspired to initiate a new relationship between the Hutterites in North America and the Catholic clergy and governments of Tyrol and South Tyrol. Their intent was to begin a dialogue and issue statements of regret about the brutal events of the past.

To read the rest of this fascinating piece, click here.

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