Thursday 11 October 2012

Recycling - Tin Can Footstool

This footstool is made from tin cans, juice comes in. They're covered with upholstery roll ends. All has to be done by hand, but since I never made one, I'm not entirely sure how it all goes. People usually try to find fabric that matches their living room furniture, to make a set of two stools.

 I wish I knew who came up with this idea, but I don't. It's such a great way to use tin cans, that are practically useless after the juice is emptied from them. Better the cans are sitting pretty in a home, than sitting in some nuisance ground for years and years.

I wonder if other people have some interesting ideas to make footstools, especially from recycled materials.

(An hour after I posted this, Cindy left this link in the comments. Very interesting! Thanks a lot!)


  1. When I lived at Aylmer Ontario Almost every home had a couple of these in front of their Hickory Rocking Chairs couches.


  3. Thank you, Cindy! I will add this link to the post, so it's clickable.

  4. Thanks for sharing that - I just posted it on Pinterest. I need one of those (at least one) because I bet that would make my back feel so much better when I'm just sitting. It looks pretty easy, too! Have a great weekend ~

  5. Imperfec Housewife, thanks for posting this on Pinterest!


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