Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chicken Soup Dream

O Canada
Not the edible kind, but as we all know, that's worth dreaming about as well.
No, I'm talking about 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'. Most people who know me well, know that I've loved these books ever since I saw my first one many years ago. I buy them, I read them, I talk about them, I give them away, I borrow them from the library and occasionally I even receive them as gifts. The latest one, 'Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul' was from my sister last Christmas. That one will stay on my shelf, but I will lend it to writer friends, of course.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw that bloggers can actually get the opportunity to review these books! Yes, that means they can get one free each time a new one comes out!! I learned about this from a fellow blogger, Janet, over at Along the Way. When I told Janet about my interest in reviewing these books, she kindly put me in touch with the people at Shelton Interactive, who market them. (Thank you so much, Janet!)

I soon learned that in order to qualify to join this network, my own blog has to have 5,000 unique visitors a month. Hmmm, they don't make this easy. At this time, I'm not quite there yet.  So for now, I will simply have to be content to dream about this possibility. Dreams are still free, right? I'm way past half way there. (Thanks for all the visits, everybody!) Maybe, just maybe this dream will become a reality sooner than I think... Imagine opening an envelope and pulling out a shiny, brand new volume of 'Chicken Soup', I get to keep or give away, the choice is mine.... Aaahhhhh

And if it never happnes, than most likely it wasn't meant to be. In which case, I will still happily devour all the 'Chicken Soup', I can get my hands on.

Do come again....I have to go check my stats now.



  1. Oh my, I don't think I would want 5000 visitors a month. That would be a lot of people to be responsible for. ha ha I do love the books and did not realize that more and more "topics" are coming out.

  2. If you get too many coming to your place, Susan, just send them over here. (-:

  3. That's an awfully high amount, just for a free book.

    I like them, too--they're filled with inspiring stories.

  4. I know, Jeanette. That's why I said they don't make this easy. But, it's not just one book, but many.


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