Thursday, 11 August 2011

Love Wheels?

Personally, I can't get terribly excited about wheels, but apparently for some that's the case. Mostly, (and correct me if I'm wrong) it's guys whose eyes light up when a set of wheels, especially big, loud and supposedly powerful ones come into their line of sight... On that note, today's post caters to those of you who frequent this blog, but thus far haven't seen anything to get you wheely, wheely excited: Enjoy!  


In case you missed it; different headers.

and vintage wheels

In slower days, when Elm River was first established, farming was all about horse power...well, it still is, but I'm talking about horses that munched oats as opposed to gusseling diesel. We've come a long way, considering the fact that this year we air seeded one canola field. That would be seeding with an airplane, because it was too wet to get in with tractors. It must have worked; it's looking real good!

I'm wondering if this post will generate enough Ooh-la-laas! to garner more comments than previous posts. One can always hope! 


  1. Have no fear, Amish stories is here to post one of his priceless comments,lol. Im a big fan of antique farm equipment like old tractors. I'm sure you have farm shows in Canada that has those tractor shows, and i try to go to as many as time will allow me. My work here is done. Richard

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  3. Just glad you're not making me pay!!

  4. I love the equipment, Linda, as do the boys! Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday card for Kai! As the little brother with the need to constantly assert his kiddie-power, being posed atop a huge tractor means a lot :)

  5. luved this! including the vintage is brilliant '') happy to find you , Linda, through your entry on 'community' at Seasons of Humility. i love your writing and your entry is beautiful ~ thankyou & ConGratulations!
    frm a fellow prairie Cdn...

  6. Thanks 'fellow prairie Cdn' and welcome aboard! Love your creative blog title! I'll stop by for 'tea' now and than.


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