Monday 27 February 2012

The Price of Freedom - Simon Ivascu & Wesley Pop - Freedom Singers

            As noted in a previous post, I recently had a chance to take in an awe-inspiring concert by the Freedom Singers. Not only was the audience blessed with superb music, but we also heard Simon tell their amazing story. After the concert we were able to buy their CD’s and self-published book, ‘The Price of Freedom’. Their story and music go hand in hand – in their bleakest moments, whispering songs gave them courage to hang on. Thus, today they’re able to sing some of the same songs with resounding conviction!
Back Cover Blurb:
Determined to escape to freedom, Simon and Wesley faced danger and hardship fleeing from Romania to Italy. But their nightmare began in earnest when they crawled into a container full of ceramic tiles that was headed across the ocean - baking in the heat for days in a shipyard, surviving a tremendous storm at sea and suffering from lack of oxygen. And then the agony of thirst, Simon and Wesley both came close to death. The Price of Freedom is the miraculous story of how two young men cling to their faith in God, as they struggled to stay alive against all odds.

From the first page right till the very end, this story of surviving under harsh conditions had me mesmerized. I was drawn into the lives of these two brave young men as they set off on their treacherous flight from Romania. It struck me how Simon and Wesley’s faith in God, which was put to the ultimate test, never wavered; even when they thought they were breathing their last ragged breath. It’s evident in the story, and also when they’re singing, how songs like ‘He Touched Me’ and ‘Because He Lives’ provided courage and took on a whole new meaning! As the words of these well known songs fill the room, coming from voices of conviction you can’t help but feel God’s presence. I rarely say, “This is a ‘must read’ story.” But I will this time. Read this touching story and you too will be compelled to measure ‘The Price of Freedom’ against the freedoms we take for granted all too often. We truly have no real concept of what people are forced to put themselves through, just to be able to serve Jesus freely! I have seen containers rumble along railroad tracks many times; after this, I will undoubtedly see at least one of them emblazoned with this message: ‘The Price of Freedom’.

The book and the CD’s are available on The Freedom Singers website. Here you can also see how they brought 'The Dragon's Den' to tears. 

The Freedom Singers


  1. We got to go see the Freedom Singers when they were in Acadia and... I don't think I could find adequate words to describe the experience.
    It was encouraging, uplifting, but when it came to hearing their testimonies and what they had to go through to get to Canada, so convicting. I mean, it's like you say, through hearing of these things that our eyes are opened at least a little bit to how blessed and privileged we really are. I pray daily, with thanksgiving, that I never take for granted the blessing of being able to follow and serve Jesus freely.

    The book's on my bookshelf waiting to be read. :)...You'll probably think I'm silly for waiting to read it, but I want to do so when I can give it my full attention without other books also vying for attention. Really looking forward to it, though!

  2. Glad you got to see them too, Eva! No, I don't think you're silly for not reading the book right away, but I certainly couldn't wait. What a testimony!

  3. Maybe I haven’t dug deep enough into the history of this blog, but could you write a post about the dressing styles of Hutterites today and compared to what it might have been in the past?
    I think it would be interesting to read about how people dress in relation to, and in application of their beliefs.
    Keep up the wonderful work.


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