Wednesday 29 February 2012

My Computer Swallowed It!

Sound familiar? Welcome to the Cough-it-up Computer, Club! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, picture this: Someone sent you an email a few days ago. Now you need to respond and you can't find it. (I see you nodding your head now.) Back to the cyber hunt. Honestly, how many different places are there where it could be? Definitely not in my in box, although I don't have a hot clue why. Next stop, dig through trash, can't be that deep down. Would I have sent it to trash in the first place? I'd like to say , "Absolutely not!" but maybe I better not, given my rather too-quick-to-trash-it-track record. Clear to the bottom now. Nada! Somebody is misplacing stuff in here. And. I. Don't. Like. It. I'm an organized person... for the most part. Let's see, maybe in the sent file? Really don't know why, but hey, why not? Not here either. YES! It's gotta be in Archives! Alas....everything but, there as well. You got it? All to often, it is not to be it was never there. Maybe the google people took it. Which would explain why after a few weeks, when you don't want it anymore, it mysteriously reappears. The google guy or gal gave it back! Nice! But no thanks. Just leave my stuff alone, please!

Oh, and here's another classic: I'm working on a writing piece. So, like every other organized writer, when I need to leave, I carefully place it in my 'work in progress' file. However, upon returning to work on it next day... that's right. Not there. I'm convinced, documents sometimes crawl out of their 'home files' overnight and go hide somewhere else just to irritate me. I've seen it a few times, where a certain document showed up in another file. I know it sounds far-fetched, but how else would I explain a document I filed in 'work in progress' that later annoyingly appeared in 'published pieces'?  It's either that, or in a wishful thinking state of mind I put it there myself.

I wonder if the trusty typewriter ever gobbled anything up?

Do you have a computer caper story to share? And please don't tell me I'm the only one who has a computer with a mind of it's own and that all too often speaks none of the three languages I'm familiar with.


  1. The worst thing about computers is they NEVER make mistakes. That's what makes our technical glitches so frustrating!

  2. Is that supposed to be a comforting thought? ('

  3. You are not the only one this happens to! I was looking for a document in Word the other day and could not find it. It was one I use all the time...finally restarted the computer, and sure enough, there it was, back where it should be. Events like these make me use my flash drive more. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Depending on your e-mail provider and whether its search engine is good, you can try to put in a keyword that you remember, either from the title, body or sender, and see if it digs it out of wherever it may be. The other possibility is that one may have completely inadvertently deleted the e-mail in question, and not remember the fact afterwards! It's happened to me...


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