Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Up in Flames

As we woke this morning the smell of burnt rubber still lingered in the air, and the charred remains of a Maple Leaf feed truck were a grim reminder of what jolted us out of our beds in the wee hours of the morning. But it's not like we needed any reminders.

It's not unusual for a truck to deliver pig feed during the night. Most of the time however, they unload and leave without incident. Last night was different. As the driver moved from one bin to the next, he had left his auger up. He promptly had a hydro line reminding him loud and clear that wasn't wise. Fortunately he was able to jump from the truck and came away unhurt. His truck started burning soon after. Since his phone was in the truck, he had to run to one of the homes for help. In short order many adults were at the site watching in helpless disbelieve while that big truck was engulfed in flames. There wasn't anything they could do right away since a power line was down.

Photo credit: Sonia Maendel

Clean Up !    Photo Credit Sonia Maendel


  1. Wow! Nothing else was damaged or nobody hurt?

  2. That's right. No other damage and nobody was hurt.

  3. He was smart to get out so quickly. It reminds me of something like that happening at a street intersection near here, where a trucker left maybe a dump truck raised going through where low utility lines crossed the intersection, and closed that down for awhile. I can easily see how such mishaps happen. Most of my mistakes are easily corrected on the computer. :-)

    1. Yes, Melodie, here too we here of things like that happening from time to time. But, I'm hoping this has been a lesson that will stick for a while. It always pays to think safety.


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