Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Lady's Slipper - an exquisite prairie gem

About two years ago, I was at another colony and a friend and I went for a ride on a Kubota. This friend is like a wild flower encyclopedia, and along the way she kept pointing out various beautiful plants growing wild. There were more than I ever saw in our area, or maybe I just didn't notice them. (Read more about this here.) After that ride I became fascinated with wild flowers myself. Now I need to get a book so I can identify these prairie gems.

A few days ago, one of our students told me he saw lady's slippers growing along the road near our colony. I couldn't believe it, for I've never seen any in our area. I thought he must be mistaken. Yesterday two of my sisters found the place and low and behold, they really are lady's slippers. Just a few small patches of them, but hopefully they will continue to grow and multiply. I always feel too many wild flowers are killed with all the crop spraying going on, for years ago there were more around.

 I just had to go and see these rare beauties for myself, and take some pictures to share. They are so exquisite! So far, the most beautiful wild flower I've seen. Lady's slippers are in the orchid family. No wonder I love them, for orchids are my favourite house plant. I have two and one is about ready to bloom right now. (More on one of them here.) Lady's slippers are apparently endangered, so when we spot them, it's best that we enjoy them where they are, take pictures, but NEVER pick them.

I'll keep my eyes open and try to capture more of the wild flowers in our area. I know there are wild roses around and lots of meadow anemone this year as well.

What's your favourite wildflower?


  1. My favourite flower is the cosmos. I don'the know if it would actually be considered a wildflower. But they have pretty pink, purple or white flowers on long stems with spikey leaves. They look like a wildflower. We planted some in our small garden this year again.

    1. Not sure I've seen this flower, but from your description it looks pretty.

  2. Linda,
    Yellow lady's slippers are actually fairly common - I would venture to say, very common.
    At this time of year, traveling on many gravel roads in Manitoba and on some highways, you will not go far without seeing them. When I travel along the 16 East, the ditches are loaded in some spots.
    Pretty spectacular!

  3. Cattyw, they're certainly not common in our area. Hence my excitement over them.


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