Tuesday, 1 November 2016

In Loving Memory of our Dear Aunt Anna

In des Hirten Arm und Schoß, Amen ja, mein Glück ist groß!
                                                                                    -Weil ich Jesu Schäflein bin-

Es hat dem Herrn über Tod und Leben gefallen, unsere liebe Schwester, Anna Waldner zu sich zu rufen.

Am 27. Oktober 2016 our Anne Basel passed away peacefully at home in Elm River, surrounded by family.

Ihr im Tode vorangegangen sind ihre Eltern, Zacharias and Anna Wald-ner: Brüder: Zacharias (in infancy), Edward, Harold, John, David, Martin and brother-in-law, Jake Maendel.
Sie hinterlässt ihre Geschwister: Asnath Maendel, Elm River; Mike (Christy), Solomon (Linda), and Joseph (Anita) of Holmfield Colony; sisters-in-law Susan, Riverdale Colony and Cheryl, Gladstone, as well as many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends.

Anna Waldner was born on June 5, 1940 at James Valley Colony, Elie, MB. In 1946 the family moved to Riverdale Colony at Gladstone, where Anna grew up and was baptized upon her confession of faith. In 1975 the family moved again, this time to the newly established Holmfield Colony at Killarney, MB.
Our lieba Anne Basel was a quiet, humble sister, who spent many years caring for ailing family members, namely her parents and her three unmarried brothers in addition to reaching out to help her married brothers and sister and their families whenever possible. When Anne Basel’s health failed, her sister-in-law, Christy, faithfully cared for her for six years.

During the past year, after a lengthy hospital stay, we knew Anne Basel would need constant care, so we, the family of her sister Asnath, offered to help and invited her to live with us at Elm River. It was not an easy decision for Anne Basel, but in time she agreed that it would be best, and embraced her new home as much as her failing health allowed. We are grateful that both Holmfield Colony and Elm River colony supported Anne Basels decision: we cherish the six months she lived with us. Our sincere thanks to the nieces who lovingly stayed with Anne Basel while she was in the hospital!

In her final days the family drew comfort in observing how Anne Basel faced death with grace, peace and quiet faith. “This world is not my home”, she reminded us. “I’m going to a better place. God can take me home whenever he chooses.” Another time she said, “Die Ankela und der Olvetter riefen mich schun.”

Geh in Frieden, liebe Anne Basel.

Die Begräbnisfeier (Leicht) fand am 30. Oktober 2016 in der Elm River Gemeinde statt. Beerdigung im Elm River Friedhof.
   The Caregiver
    Elma Maendel
 As a young Dien, she cared for her mom
Became her eyes
Kept house, brought meals
Tied shoes,
Injected insulin.

Through her Mom’s cancer diagnosis
Her care continued –
Sips of water,
Cool cloths for feverish skin
A German hymn softly sung –
During bedside vigils of
Weary days and cruel nights
Caring to the end.

Too soon Dad needed care,
Though his tall, stalwart figure never stooped,
His health steadily faded,
Still her care never faltered
Accompanying her brothers 
to dialysis appointments and
Kidney treatments
Caring, encouraging, supporting,
Preparing tasty salt-free dishes.

Finally, Anne Basel herself needed care:
Medication, dialysis, puffers, oxygen,
Tasteless gels – for swallowing ease –
Offered no relish and even less satis-faction
Family, nurses, doctors
Gently provided the Loving care
She bestowed on others.

Now our loyal caregiver –
Rests peacefully
Reunited with loved ones –
In her heavenly home
Auf Wiedersehen, lieba Anne Basel!

Danke schön für jedes stille Gebet während Anne Basels letzter Tage. Euer Dasein und euer Beistand waren Balsam auf unserer trauernden Seelen. Das Schönste ist, dass wir in dieser so traurigen Zeit, das Wunder der christlichen, brüderlichen Liebe erleben durften, 1 Petrus 3:8.


  1. She sounds like quite a wonderful lady. I will be praying for you all in this time of loss. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. She really was and she'll be missed a lot.


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