Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hutterite Help: A refugee sponsorship story - Mennonite Central Committee

A beautiful story of how a Manitoba Hutterite colony got involved with helping a refugee family from Lebanon, who now live in Wawanesa, MB. 

Paul and his wife, Wanda, are playing an integral part in this venture and are also part of the group of teachers, along with myself, who were taking summer classes this year. It was heartwarming to listen to his regular updates, as he shared his experiences with this family. I'm very grateful to see Hutterites get involved. As I've said in a previous post, with all we've been blessed with, we (Hutterites) should feel compelled to show some empathy and to share with those less fortunate -  the Syrian refugees fall in that category. It simply would not be right to not get involved in this crisis, especially since we have the means to do so. Hopefully this will inspire others to lend some assistance as well.

Thank you, Paul and Wanda and all at Green Acres Colony. 
You truly are an inspiration!


  1. This is such a blessing for families in need.

  2. Yes, Katie, it is and I only wish more people would see that and reach out to those needy ones.


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