Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sweet Maple Syrup Memories

Every year when my sister, Sonia starts collecting maple sap, I tell myself that I should write about it. And every year the season whizzes by before I can sit down and pen a story, then the urge to write disappears. For some seasons it's not quite the same, writing about them after the fact, like writing a Christmas story in February. I'm sure it can be done, and is being done often by some people, but I find it better to write about seasonal topics, right when I'm experiencing them. Should you want to submit such articles, there's always a better chance when the season, in this case maple sapping, is still going. Beside a few blogpost blurbs, nothing of substance came from my pen...or keyboard. Till this year, where I got on it right away.

I was fortunate enough in that The Manitoba Co-operator accepted my piece and published it this week. You can find it by clicking here. The article is on page 29. The newspaper can also be downloaded so the pages are easier to read. This works best.

Are you, or someone you know involved in maple sapping? I know there are quite a few colonies into it. I'd love to hear about it! How do eat maple syrup, just on pancakes? Or do you have some yummy recipe, like the maple butter I mentioned in the article. My sister sometimes makes maple candy.

Here's wishing you a super sweet spring, even if it doesn't include maple syrup!

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