Friday, 18 March 2016

Gotta Love Kindergarten!

Remember the first time you used one of those small hand-held pencil sharpeners? Oh, the wonder of it! These days I'm reliving this wonder with my four Kindergarten students. I find it hard to believe they never saw one before, but it seemed that way a few days ago. We opened a box of coloured pencils and one of those tiny wonder tools came with it. Since then, they've all but forgotten about our trusty hand-cranked sharpener. (No, I don't have on of those electric ones -- too noisy, and they don't seem to last very long.)

Today I watched as one little boy, (my nephew, actually) knelt beside the garbage can to sharpen his coloured pencil. He was more amazed by the stuff curling out of the sharpener than the nicely sharpened pencil. An Aha! moment for sure. "Look! There's wood coming out here!" He exclaimed, face full of wonder. "That's a lot of wood! I think a coloured pencil is made of wood. I'm going to tell my dad!"

"Of course you'll have to tell him. He's a carpenter and likes wood stories. He'll be so happy to hear what you learned today."

Oh, the things we discover in Kindergarten! After a few minutes of oohing and aahing about this latest discovery, I reluctantly reminded him that his pencil was now ready to colour the picture he was working on.

Yes, today's posts is about celebrating life's precious moments. Have you been celebrating any of those lately?


  1. Linda - If you're ever in south-central Ohio, here's someplace to visit: an entire museum (well, it's a tiny one) of pencil sharpeners!

    1. Who would have thought that there's such a thing as a pencil sharpener museum? Thanks for sharing, Hamanda!

  2. This little guy is just perfect. The curly hair, the suspenders, his little eyeglasses, the intense activity over the wastebasket. Love your moment with him!

  3. Thanks, Melodie! I still get a chuckle out of this picture.


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