Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Hutterite Diaries Feedback

It's been a while since I've posted thoughts people share, after reading Hutterite Diaries. I was reminded of that when I got this sweet message via email:

"I broke my ankle last week and while I was in hospital waiting for surgery, I purchased Hutterite Diaries through Amazon and downloaded it to my iPhone. Reading the book really helped pass the time and brought back happy memories of my visits to your home and school and chatting with your family. Your book was the perfect antidote while I was lying on a stretcher. I am glad that you emailed me because I was going to tell you that I had read the book but with everything else at the hospital it slipped my mind."
From time to time I have people call and share their thoughts with me as well. Those are mostly Hutterites. One of those calls came from a lady who lives at another Hutterite colony here in Manitoba, and whose parents have passed away. However, she grew up at my colony and hasn't been back in many years. When she heard about Hutterite Diaries, she asked for it at her local public library. They too, had never heard about it, but ordered it in right away.

"Linda, you have no idea what your book did for me. I enjoyed every story! It was just like I was walking around your colony with my mom and dad and they were telling me stories. Thank you so much for writing it."
I don't know how often I've heard, "Are you writing another book?" My response usually goes something like this, "I'm not sure, maybe I'm even working on one already. I'm always writing; if those stories ever make it into a published book, remains to be seen." In part, I suppose it depends on how well Hutterite Diaries does. The dream to publish another book is always there, for sure. But it most likely won't be realized if there are too many of this first book sitting around in a ware house. Which I sincerely hope will not be the case, after all, it took a lot of trees to make them; they may as well be placed on bookshelves and be enjoyed.

My heartfelt thanks to everybody who's 

  • bought my book
  • asked for it at a public library or bookstore
  • shared it with someone as a gift or otherwise
  • posted a review on places like Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook...
  • wrote about it on your blog, newspaper column...
  • retweeted a Hutterite Diaries post
  • shared your thoughts about it with me

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