Monday, 24 August 2015

A Good Year for the Roses

This has been a very busy summer; some of it traveling to different colonies, for both work and visiting. Thus, I haven't had time for things like blogging. In some ways, it feels like my summer holidays have just started, and here I'm back in school preparing for the start of school.

It's been really rewarding though, to run into and chat with many people who have read Hutterite Diaries. One lady told me how much she enjoyed reading my book, "I wanted some of the stories to be longer." I always find it interesting to hear which stories are favourites.

Had a sweet experience visiting family friends at another colony last week. They had their non-Hutterite neighbors for the evening there as well. I'm not sure how the topic of writing came up, when one of them mentioned my book. The neighbour lady, an avid reader, but who had never met a Hutterite writer, got excited and wanted to see it. Fortunately I had remembered to bring some copies along. As the book was being passed around, one of my friends suggested I read one story. "Everybody loves bedtime stories," she continued. "This will be ours today."