Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Dog Days of Summer Can be Draining...

...even for a five-year-old.

Jakobi, with his favourite truck
My nephew, Jakobi was ambling home from the communal kitchen where he had just had lunch. His lazy gait told me that the dog days of summer were having a toll on him, too.

Jakobi loves our Rock Truck and practically drools every time he sees or hears it. He's had a few rides with it and loves to talk about them as well. Any time we go for a walk, we 'just have to' go past this wonder on wheels, so he can climb on it or pose for pictures. Jakobi seems to think, Derek, one of our young men is the only one who can drive it, which makes him his hero, and his new wife, Marianna of just a few weeks "the most beautiful bride". Jakobi keeps reminding us, "Next time Derek will haul something with that truck, Marianna and I will take turns going along with him."

As he plopped down beside me on our front steps, I tried to chase away some of his sluggishness with a never-fail tactic, "Jakobi, after you've had your nap, we'll go to the broiler barn to see if they're still hauling manure. Perhaps you can get a ride with your favourite truck."

"I would just call." he mumbled listlessly.

Perhaps a nap under a cool fan will work better.

How are you dealing with the dog days of summer?

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